"INTERCAFE", a factory on instant coffee manufacturing and packing was opened in Mytischi of Moscow region in July, 2002.

Leading West-European investors working in coffee industry took part in creation of the factory. A German concern « DEUTSCHE EXTRAKT KAFFEE » (DEK) ) is at the head of project participants. It was based in 1955 and now it occupies the 3rd place in the world in total amount of soluble coffee production and the 1st place in production of soluble coffee «Private Label » (under the orders of various manufacturers - owners of their own trade marks).

The concern owns 4 factories in Germany, enterprises in Belgium, England, Poland and Venezuela. All the enterprises of the concern are equipped with modern hi-tech machinery and carry out the full work cycle of coffee grains processing (green coffee - extraction - powder - agglomeration – sublimation (freeze-drying). All the factories make coffee production of best quality certificated by the international standard ISO 9001.

The uniqueness of "Intercafe" factory comes from the fact that being supported by way of investment and technology by “DEK” concern it is the first and the largest enterprise in Russia working under the orders of various manufacturers. The leading personnel of the factory have undergone training at the enterprises of the concern.

The factory is located only in 5 kms from MKAD, it has convenient traffic interchanges and also a branch line within its territory.